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Cakram is a portable omnichannel platform made specificly to understand your customer lifecycle. Manage inbound leads, customer relations, and churn analytics. Suitable for retail businesses, B2B, Financial Services, and Banking.

Some brands you trust who trusted us:

Panin Bank

Digital briefcase for Relationship Managers. Get updates on campaigns & promotions, manage account opening, and track sales achievements.

Kalbe Farma

Inbound Marketing platform for healthcare products

Prudential Indonesia

Digital campaign & leads management, sales process & analytics

Sinarmas Mining

Integrated B2B Marketing Collaboration App

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Customer Relationship Management is all about Relationship

Cakram helps businesses understands the full lifecycle of their customers.

Inspired by how grassroots businesses manage to get customer loyalty easier than big brands, Cakram is made to enable big businesses to regain the intimacy that they have to throw away for their scalability. Made especially for business looking for an entry point to start the digital transformation, we are implementing technologies for the agile workforce to digitize campaign process, inbound marketing, leads distribution, issue tracking, and (churn and retention) analytics.

Core Functionalities:

Inbound Marketing, Leads distribution & Account lifecycle

One of the top challenges in sales-marketing is keeping track of accounts one-by-one. Once the marketing department handed over their campaign leads to a salesperson, usually, keeping track of individual accounts, “which promo are they in“, “what issues they have“, “how fast are the leads matured” are questions that require huge effort to tap into. Cakram helps marketing department and sales department to keep their eye on essential information on campaigns and accounts they are managing.

Customer Relationship & Issue Tracking

Many businesses, including top-tier ones, manage their issues and claims using manual technologies, such as paper forms, spreadsheets, and call-or-texting. It causes these businesses to lose so much information and insight worths Billion Dollar. As integrated platform, Cakram aimed to manage leads data with their lifetime transaction with the business to make businesses aware and be able to reach better customer satisfaction.

Campaign Lifecycle Insight

As a business, being able to understand customers from the first purchase would uncover more information about efficacy of a campaign, discover new market segments, and make effective strategic decisions through any analytical platform of your choice!

With integrated data architecture, Cakram aims to enable businesses to integrate their data and avoid silos.

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