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Keeping track of campaign & sales performance

Bank Pan Indonesia, Tbk [IDX:PNBN]

Panin Bank  is a major retail banking group in indonesia. Being a bank with agile promotional activities and large operation (500+ branches as of 2020), tracking inbound marketing to the new accounts opening is a huge chore. We provide CRM application embedded with knowledge management.

Portability at scale

Prudential Life Assurance Indonesia

Prudential Corporation Asia [SEHK:2378]

Epitome of our application portability at multinational enterprise level; Prudential Life Assurance Indonesia and Prudential Corporation Asia through their respective super mobile app PULSE and PRUForce embeds the functionality of Cakram Omnichannel at multi-region, cross-platform environment. Currently implemented in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia

Enable realtime synergy. Everywhere.

Sinar Mas Mining Group [IDX:GEMS]

Sinar Mas Mining Group [IDX:GEMS]  is one of Indonesia’s biggest Mining, Resources & Trading conglomerate; and home for some of the biggest mining producers i.e: Berau Coal [IDX:BRAU], Borneo Indobara. Being experienced as a team with strong forward-looking architectural capabilities, we set the ground works of long term, multi-vendor, multi-tenant implementation of B2B Leads & customer relationship platform.

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Customer engagement platform

Kalbe Farma, Tbk [IDX:KLBE]

Indonesia’s biggest Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and Health Supply Retail Group. Cakram core is embedded in their newest initiative in managing inbound marketing & relationship management for their diabetic health supplies.