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The demanding process towards understanding the market right from the consumers can be automated through the colossal usage of technologies. It is worth mentioning that Indonesia’s productivity per cost is weakening amidst the tremendous economic growth. However, we see the door of opportunity in the growth of the online technology penetration.

Our solution allows you to directly touch the end-users and extract essential information right from their fingers. BIT creates a useful shortcut to engage your customers. It encourages their loyalty and interest in your products.

The problem we are solving
Data Silo: A common technical limitation

Your Team and Data keeps evolving over time. Presence of robust technical architecture that does not outgrown by the nature of the business is very important. In most cases, companies cannot work with their old data for time and complexity constraint due to lack of forward-looking architectures.

Businesses utilizes multiple channels to get their clients. However, the concept of omnichannel was just introduced in past few years; as a result; each channel might have their data maintained separately. Sometimes even, with different format, and duplicates are everywhere; rendering it virtually impossible to gain insight at day-to-day activities

Marketing operations is very a complex business process. It manages campaigns, inbound, sales process, complaints, churns, and everything that might not be related one-to-another. As each departments might have their own solution suite, technical burden to integrate them also grow exponentially as data and business case grow.

High-level understanding of our Omnichannel solution

With everything changing in the world of business nowadays, consumers’ habit seems to be one of the most drastically changed phenomena, and it’s still moving. In 2017, 76% of respondents from Southeast Asia said they’d changed their buying behavior in the prior year. The luxury of having all kinds of information right at your fingertips through the internet has contributed a lot to the shift. A recent study showed that online reviews impact 67% of respondents’ purchasing decisions. The continuous development of technology will surely alter consumers’ decisions and buying behavior.

Although not completely impossible, tracking these rapid changes is problematic, as it demands more money and time. Our product allows companies to receive testimonials right from the end-users, creating a useful shortcut to learn the impact of your goods on the individuals. We aim to create a tool to help you have the information you need to stay related with your costumer.